Securing Your Family's Future: Life Insurance Basics

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Two Tips to Help You Get Hypnotherapy on a Budget

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If you’re dealing with mental issues such as depression, anxiety or other phobias, you’ve likely tried all types of things in order to find relief.  However, one avenue that you may not have pursued is hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy involves a trained professional carefully guiding you into a relaxed state in order to use the imagination to change behaviors.  If you’ve exhausted other medical means, you may be interested in hypnotherapy but feel that you don’t have the funds to obtain it. Read More»

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Kids Are Taken Care Of In Case Of An Accident

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While it may not seem like something that will happen to you, accidents are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, so it makes sense to ensure that your children are supported both financially and emotionally in case anything serious were to happen to you. Here are four simple yet effective options to consider that you may or may not have already thought about: Insurance Plans It’s important to maintain quality health insurance so that you can recover without a lot of financial stress if an accident occurs, but it’s also important to make sure that medical and burial costs are covered in case a recovery isn’t possible. Read More»

How Does Divorce Affect Life Insurance Policies?

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When two people are going through a divorce, it’s often easy for them to overlook practical issues such as life insurance amid all of the emotional turmoil. However, not being aware of how your divorce affects your life insurance could have negative consequences on not only your own financial future, but also the financial future of your children and spouse.  Who’s covered for what? Resolving any life insurance issues that come up as you go through a divorce requires you and your spouse to sit down and work out who has the rights to what. Read More»