Securing Your Family's Future: Life Insurance Basics

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Unusual But Valid Reasons For Life Insurance

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A lot of people choose to purchase life insurance as a way of paying for their final expenses and helping their families after they depart this world. That is a very common response and benefit to life insurance. However, there are some more unusual reasons for buying life insurance, and these reasons are equally valid. 

You Serve in the Military, So You Could Pass away at Any Time

Nothing makes the reality of the shortness of life more gritty an obvious than serving in the military. If you spend one tour in a war-torn country trying to keep the peace, the finality of life becomes quickly apparent to you. It also becomes apparent that you need life insurance for your family back home in the states if you want them to know that ultimately you were not only fighting for them but also providing for them. 

You Want to Die Debt-Free

Once upon a time, it was considered dishonorable and shameful to die with unpaid debts. Now people die with debts all the time and no one thinks twice about it. However, if you are still a little old-fashioned about such things and you absolutely do not want to leave any unpaid debt behind, you can purchase life insurance and then instruct your appointed estate trustee to disburse the life insurance money to those creditors, you can pass away peacefully knowing that you will ultimately have everything paid. 

You Have Nothing Else to Give Your Heirs

Wanting to leave your children and/or spouse with something of value after you are gone is a common idea. However, choosing to leave some asset(s) in the form of a life insurance policy is more unusual. If you have nothing else to give, and you know that you will have nothing left for your heirs, investing in a million-dollar or multi-million-dollar life insurance policy will definitely leave them with something when the insurance company pays out to your named benefit recipients. 

Discussing Your Reasons with Your Insurance Agent

Whatever common or unusual reasons you have for purchasing life insurance you can discuss with your agent. Multiple insurance companies, including USAlliance and others, are able to sell you the coverage you want for the monthly premium price you can afford. If you really want to make this a priority for a more unusual reason, it helps to talk through the special policies and provisions offered by insurance companies.